Water Play on Mount Bromo Tour

One of the exotic water scenery destinations at Mount Bromo Tour is Madakaripura waterfall. It has a height of 620 meters and is a location in Sapih Village, Probolinggo. Apart from being famous for its beauty, the water of the steeple of Madakaripura is famous as the hermitage of Patih Gajah Mada. When you first arrive, the entrance to the waterfall looks like a statue that is sitting cross-legged with an elephant that reads Madakaripura as the name of this place.

Famous for being very beautiful, this waterfall is one of the places that is included in the list that must visit when on vacation to East Java especially Mount Bromo Tour. The distance is not too far from Mount Bromo. So that tourists are easy to find waterfall Madakaripura. What can we do at the place?

1. Take a photo with the Patih Gajah M<ada statue. Besides being a weekend getaway destination, it turns out that this waterfall is also often used as a place to take pictures with family or other. When the holidays arrive, those of you who come to the waterfall must be patient a little to be able to take pictures right in front of the statue.

2. Tracking between cliffs. After being satisfied take pictures at Mount Bromo Tour and in front of the entrance to the waterfall. Its time for you to track the distance of 1 kilometer. Even though the distance, you and your group are not to be bored. Because on the right and left side presents a beautiful view and very natural.

3. Enjoy the fall of water. After sweating, the right time to play water immediately. Cleanse sweat after playing on Mount Bromo Tour. And if the weather is good, luckily you can watch the beautiful rainbow above the sky.

4. Swimming and water therapy. Not a few people use water that falls as a natural massage. Water massage as a natural way to get rid of fatigue and provide its own tranquility. And for families who like to swim, it can be as much in this waterfall.

5. A calm and fresh atmosphere. After finding sand, grass, and hills on Mount Bromo Tour. It will be more complete if you visit the waterfall. In addition to the sound of water which is called can soothe one’s soul, we can feel the calm and fresh atmosphere while we are in the madakaripura waterfall.

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