Enjoy The Mount Bromo Tour

Mount Bromo is one of the active mountains in Indonesia, which is located on the border of Lumajang, Malang, Pasuruan, and Probolinggo. Although physically, Mount Bromo is not as big as other mountains in East Java. However, its beautiful charm is not only heard in Indonesia but also abroad. Mount Bromo is included in the area of Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru (TNBTS). Where many tourists do a mount Bromo tour in this region.

There are two choices in planning a tour, the first is to prepare all your own needs or use a tour service provider. Each has its own advantages. To get to the mount Bromo tourist area, you can use several existing transportation routes. Tourists who have visited Mount Bromo will surely be amazed by the charm of natural beauty there. Not only you will enjoy the sunrise in the morning, but the stretch of sand further confirms the beauty of Bromo’s crater. So it’s no wonder that many people want to come back again.

The Tour Series

The destinations in the area of mount Bromo are mostly mountain tourism, usually, the tour will start at 03.00 WIB by using a jeep or motorcycle. To enjoy the view from mount Bromo itself, usually, the tourists will be directed to the viewpoint first. A viewpoint is a place used to see the sunrise and the beauty of Mount Bromo from a height. For those who take a Mount Bromo tour, they can choose the desired viewpoint. There are five places that can be used to see the view of mount Bromo through the top of the hill. Among them are Penanjakan 1, Sruni Point, Bukit Cinta, Bukit Kingkong and Puncak B29. However, specifically, Puncak B29 is located a little further than the other four viewpoints.

The second destination is the crater of Mount Bromo, which has a diameter of 800 meters. This tour is done by walking, or riding a horse and continued by climbing the stairs which 250. When you reach the crater you will be presented with a very beautiful view of the Tengger and Batok mountains which are beside the crater of Mount Bromo. The next place that is a favorite is the Sand Sea (Padang Berbisik). You will feel the sensation of hearing a whisper when you bring your ear closer to the sand. Destinations that cannot be missed in the mount Bromo tour are Padang Savanna (Bukit Teletubbies). It is a vast grassland, around 10 Km2. You will be spoiled with green eyes that cool the eyes and atmosphere. The location is in the southern crater of Mount Bromo, precisely in the Jemplang area.

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