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Tiger on the Prowl?
 Recent reports are saying Tiger Woods, 35, has been dating a 22 year old Ohio State graduate over the past few weeks.
Justin Rose sitting nice after 54 holes
 Last year Justin Rose won 2 PGA Tour events on difficult courses and that has giving him some experience to lean on as he heads into the final round today with a one shot lead.

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Elin gets her House
 The Palm Beach Post is reporting that Elin Nordegren has shelled out $12 million dollars for a North Palm Beach mansion that is only 10 miles away from ex husband Tiger Woods' new house in Jupit...
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 Golf Channel: STOP IT!!! (8)  My Top Enduring Instruction Image (2)  Attesting (2) Unlevel Tee Boxes (4) Distance with irons not progressive (12) Bartering with your Spouse (24)  shanking chips again (11) Do you laugh if a playing partner hits a... (28) How to get your Tempo back (3) straight left arm in the backswing... (13) More Golf Forums

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Elins new place

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Los Lagos  Hole 1

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