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Tiger on the Prowl?
 Recent reports are saying Tiger Woods, 35, has been dating a 22 year old Ohio State graduate over the past few weeks.
Justin Rose sitting nice after 54 holes
 Last year Justin Rose won 2 PGA Tour events on difficult courses and that has giving him some experience to lean on as he heads into the final round today with a one shot lead.
Elin gets her House
 The Palm Beach Post is reporting that Elin Nordegren has shelled out $12 million dollars for a North Palm Beach mansion that is only 10 miles away from ex husband Tiger Woods' new house in Jupit...
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 John Daly's Ex-Wife comes out with a new... (9)  Gimmicks, waste of money, or not. (10) Auction for 2011 Transitions Championshi... (78)  Joke! (13)  Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill (7) More Golf Blogs

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