Activities In Mount Bromo Tour

If you are going on vacation to the city of Surabaya, East Java province, Indonesia, the mandatory place that you must visit is Mount Bromo, because there you can see and feel the beauty of the sunrise and the exotic Bromo mountain with an enchanting stretch of sea of ​​sand. You can come to this place by inviting family, friends, office groups or doing a study tour to this Bromo mountain tourist spot. Of course, before coming to a place, especially those that have never been visited before, you must find out as much information as possible about location, transportation, environmental conditions and so on. You can find out about the information, by browse on the internet or ask to the people who was visited the city of Surabaya, but just knowing it may not be enough, you can hire a mount bromo tour service to make things easier.

In a mount bromo tour agency, it is usually complete provided all the requirements relating to lodging, entrence fee, transportation, tourist sites to be visited, and schedule of activities that will be carried out during your vacation. Of course it does not makes you confused to find a hotel or public transportation to get to Mount Bromo. In mount bromo tour agency has been provided and what activities have been scheduled to be carried out during at Mount Bromo, generally they divided into two season of tours, you can choose the short or long tour. Both types of tour packages, each requires a jeep car rental which is of course different from the rental price, especially during high season and low season. All of the jeeps rental are the same model and can fit up to five passengers. For the exact price amount, you can directly contact the mount bromo tour agency that you chose because it can be different each tour agent. But the rent of jeep will be more cheaper if you do pre-book and the price for mount bromo tour can changes.

If you choose a short trip package, you will get the facility to visit mount Pananjakan to see the sunrise and then after that you can climb mount Bromo Volcano before returning to the hotel and return to your place of residence. Whereas if you choose a long trip package, you can visit Savana Hill and whispering sands using a jeep that was previously rented. Dont forget to catch up you moment in every second times when you were mount Bromo.